Do you know how to care Plum Bonsai ?

Do you know how to care Plum Bonsai ?

Plum bonsai

The first messenger of the spring

Plum trees are the first trees to announce spring in January and February. These bloom before the cherry blossoms bloom.

Their scent is very pleasant and makes us feel the joy of the coming spring.

Plum tree

Plum bonsai

The plum tree is a member of the rose family.

It is a strong and healthy tree that flowers well, so it is recommended for beginners.

Also they resists to heat and cold and is a typical flowering bonsai that celebrates the new spring.

The leaves may curl up in summer, but this is due to the nature of plum trees and is not a problem.

There are many types of plum trees, including white, red, and wild plum trees.

Still, the basic care of plum trees is the same.


Plum bonsai

In spring and autumn, the plum trees should be in a sunny and well-ventilated place.

In winter, it is best to keep it in a sheltered spot where it can avoid wind and frost.  

The recommended viewing period indoors is 2-3 days in spring and fall, and 1 week in winter.

Avoid direct exposure to air conditioning to prevent extreme dryness.


They are water-loving, so irrigate thoroughly whenever they dry out. Be careful not to run out of water, especially from bud to flowering.

As a rule of thumb, once a day in spring and autumn, once every three days in winter, and twice in midsummer.


Red and white plum bonsai

Apply organic fertilizer (oil cake, etc.) three times a year (April, May, and September). Liquid fertilizer is also acceptable. Use less fertilizer in the fall.

Insect pest

Plum petals

Be careful of aphids in April and black star disease in the rainy season.


Cut off the leaf buds after flowering, leaving one or two at the base of the branch. If the branches grow too long, flower buds will not form. Cut off in the rainy season.


Repot once every two to three years, from mid-February to mid-March. If the flowers are still in bloom, replant immediately after flowering. If drainage is poor, replant in autumn. If you miss that time, do it in mid-February. It is best to use red ball soil.

Why don’t you grow a beautiful and fragrant Plum Bonsai?
You will feel the spring is coming from plum fragrance!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to care Bonsai

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