Sakuradamon gate of the imperial palace, assassination site has changed as a joggers place!

Sakuradamon gate of the imperial palace, assassination site has changed as a joggers place!

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Sakuradamon Gate

Today I walked around the imperial palace moat.

And I passed through the Sakuradamon gate of the Imperial Palace.

Sakuradamon gate is one of the nine gates of the Imperial Palace.

It was originally built in 1636. It’s the South Gate of the imperial palace, which was the former Edo castle.

It is famous for being the site where the Samurai government highest minister was attacked and assassinated in 1860.

At the time, Japan was governed by a samurai government and had been closed the country over 250 years.

But it’s under pressure from Western countries that to open the country to the outside world and trade.

So there were fierce battles between supporters and opponents about ‘opening the country’ policy.

Sakuradamon incident

The opponents assassinated the highest minister of the government outside this Sakuradamon gate.

The incident at Sakuradamon gate

The highest minister Mr. Naosuke Ii was trying to open the country to the outside world .

And he wanted to promote trade without the permission of the Imperial Court.

Opponents got angry about minister’s behaviors and killed him.

Perhaps because of this incident, the weakening of the samurai shogunate became clear.

Eventually it had been leading to the 1868 collapse of the samurai government and the opening of the country.

Emperor Meiji

So this is the place where dawn of modern Japan.

1868 the Meiji emperor had been moved from Kyoto imperial palace to this imperial palace.

The history of modern Japan had been started.

Emperor Meiji
Emperor Meiji

Now it’s a popular jogging course for Tokyo people today.

Imperial palace joggers
Imperial palace joggers

Why don’t you come and feel the scary history and enjoyable scenery at the same time?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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