It’s beautiful isn’t it, Himeji castle illumination

It’s beautiful isn’t it, Himeji castle illumination

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Himeji castle illustration and gate bridge

Himeji Castle Illustration

When I was back my hometown HIMEJI city , I happened to see Himeji Castle illumination.

What is Himeji castle

Himeji castle

Himeji Castle is a Japanese castle located in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, west part of Japan.

It was founded 1346, and formed today’s structure in the early Edo period , the early 17th century.

Its main buildings, including the castle tower and turrets, are still in existence.

It has been designated as a National Treasure and an Important Cultural Property.

In addition, the inside of the middle moat, including the main part of the castle, has been designated as a special historical site of Japan as the “Ruins of Himeji Castle.

In 1993, the castle was added to the UNESCO World Heritage site.

It has been selected as one of the 100 best castles in Japan.

The castle is also known as Shirasagi-jo (White Egret Castle). The white wall stands out from the distance.

It is one of the most representative remains of early modern castles in Japan.

One of the 12 original castle towers

Himeji castle

Also it is one of the 12 existing castle towers that were built before the Edo period.

8 of the existing buildings including the main tower, small tower, and ferry tower are designated as National Treasures.

And 74 various buildings (27 towers and ferry towers, 15 gates, and 32 walls) are designated as Important Cultural Properties.

Cherry blossom and Himeji castle

During the cherry blossom season in April, the combination of this beautiful castle and cherry blossoms become one of the most popular tourist photos in Japan.

Himeji castle and cherry blossom

If you are in Japan, why not come and see Himeji Castle?

If you take the Shinkansen, it is only 50 minutes from Kyoto and 30 minutes from Shin-Osaka, so you can make a day trip.

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