Do you know how to care Cherry blossom Bonsai?

Do you know how to care Cherry blossom Bonsai?

Cherry blossom bonsai

A symbol of the seasons, cherry blossoms are the most beloved tree among Japanese people.

Cherry tree

Cherry trees grow very vigorously and bloom frequently. It is a representative of gorgeous bonsai trees but requires frequent care.

It prefers full sun, but will also grow in semi-shade, depending on its environment.

Where to place

Where to place bonsai?

Place it in a well-ventilated place. It should be kept outdoors. In winter, basically it is best to place it in the sun without wind or frost.

Indoors, it should be kept for 2-3 days.


The roots grow quickly and like water. From spring to autumn, water once or twice a day.


Apply a solid organic fertilizer once a month from after flowering to October, except during the rainy season and mid-summer. Appropriate fertilization will improve flowering.

Insect pest

Insecticides should be applied 3-4 times from spring to autumn to prevent aphids that like to attack new shoots.


Use disinfected scissors or apply a coalescing agent when cutting large branches. Long young branches can be trimmed after flowering.



Flower buds are easily produced if the entire tree is exposed to full sun. It prefers sunshine, but it can be grown in semi-shade, so the latter is recommended for easy management.


Cherry blossom bonsai

Sakura is a kind of bonsai tree whose branches are easy to break, so be careful when you wire it to bend . The best time is around June.

Picking flowers

After flowering, remove the flower buds to prevent illness. Also, if it bears fruit, it will affect the flowering next year, so pick it.

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Cherry blossom bonsai

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