Do you know how to care Hakuren bonsai?

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Do you know how to care Hakuren bonsai?

Hakuren bonsai

I went to the Kokufu bonsai exhibition in Tokyo metropolitan art museum.

I came across the beautiful Hakuren bonsai( white magnolia)

How to care Hakuren(white magnolia)bonsai

Hakuren bonsai

The magnolia originates from China and was originally brought to Japan for medicinal purposes.

It is also known as “purple magnolia” because of the purple color of its petals.

It is characterized by its stiff petals and leaves that emerge during flowering.

These are hidden by the leaves by the time the flowers are over.

The tree is resistant to heat and cold and easy to grow.


Hakuren bonsai

Place it in a well-ventilated, sunny location.
It is recommended to keep it in a spacious area because of the growth of lateral branches.


Hakuren bonsai

Give it plenty of water when the topsoil condition dries out.


Hakuren bonsai

Fertilize with organic fertilizer (oil cake, etc.) in May and September and in January when the plant is dormant.

Pests and Diseases

Frequent monitoring of the trunks is recommended.

Because the larvae of the bark beetle may burrow into the trunks.


Hakuren bonsai

Replant during the defoliation period from January to early March.


Prune after flowering and before new shoots appear.

Cut them off, leaving 2 to 3 buds.

How is it?

You can care by yourself !

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