Do you know the cost of Japanese wedding?

Do you know the cost of Japanese wedding?

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Meiji shrine Wedding procession

Meiji shrine
Meiji shrine

I like visiting Meiji Shrine.

I often see wedding processions at Meiji Shrine precinct , especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

The bride and groom are dressed in traditional Japanese style costumes, with priests and maidens in front of them.

And the bride’s parents right behind them, and their siblings, relatives, and friends following them.

The people in the shrine also congratulate the bride and groom.

Cost of Japanese wedding

By the way, do you know how much a wedding in Japan costs?

Below is a survey from a marriage magazine.

According to the Marriage Trend Survey 2021, the average number of people who invited the wedding was 42.8people and the average cost was 2,923,000 yen(29,230 dollars).

Divided by this, the average cost per person is approximately 68,000 yen( 680 dollars).

According to the same survey, the total amount of congratulatory gifts averaged 1,688,000 yen( 16,880 dollars).

So couples’ out-of-pocket expenses averaged 1,437,000 yen( 14,370 dollars).

This price includes both the wedding ceremony and the reception party.

In Japan, the wedding ceremony and reception party are usually combined.

The couple’s out-of-pocket expense is 1,437,000 yen( 14,370 dollars)which would be even less if the couple’s parents were to contribute to the cost.

Then bride and groom will divide it by half.

Is it expensive or not?

How about doing a Japanese wedding in Japan?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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