Do you know what is a Japanese wedding like?

Do you know what is a Japanese wedding like?

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What is Japanese wedding like ?

I attended a wedding of my nephews.

It was held at a shrine, in the Japanese style.

Let me show you how a Japanese wedding is performed.

1:Shinto Ceremony Rite of procession

The bride and groom, their parents, and their relatives, in that order, are led to the main shrine by the Shinto priest and shrine maidens serving at the shrine.


The groom’s family enters on the right and the bride’s family enters on the left.

The bride and groom, the matchmaker, and the Shinto priest then enter.

3:Purification words Ritual

The Shinto priest will say the words of exorcism to cleanse the body of all impurities.

4:Norito( sacred words) Ceremony

Priest offers the congratulatory words to the gods.

The priest reports the couple’s marriage to the gods and prays that their happiness will last forever.

5:San-sankudo-no-haisu (3,3,9times drink sake)

In common parlance, this is a sake cup of three times nine.

In this ceremony, the bride and groom take turns drinking sake from three large, medium, and small sake cups to seal the eternal bond of marriage.

The sake also has the meaning of prosperity and protection from evil.

6:Exchange of rings

Originally, this ceremony was not part of the Shinto ceremony.

The ceremony was originally not part of the Shinto ceremony, but more and more people requested it, and it was introduced in the 1960s.

7:Pledge of Allegiance

The bride and groom read out the words of their vows to become husband and wife.

8:Tamagushi Hairei

The Shinto priest or priestess will explain the gestures beforehand, so don’t worry.

The ceremony varies from shrine to shrine.

9:Miko( maiden) Dance

To celebrate the start of the couple’s life together, the miko will perform a dance to the tune of Gagaku (ancient Japanese court music).

10:Kinpai drinking ceremony

This is a ceremony where the two families become relatives.

The miko pours sake for all the relatives, and they all stand up and drink it three times at once.

11:Greeting by the head priest

The priest reports to the gods that the ceremony has been completed and prays.

12:Leaving the ceremony

The priest, the bride and groom, the maid of honor, and the relatives leave in that order.

Afterwards, take a group photo in front of the temple or in the garden.

That’s all.

After this, you will have a reception with your friends.

The wedding ceremony is for family members only, so there are only 10 or so people, but the reception is for 70 people this time.

If you are a family with a large social circle, there will be over 100 people.

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