God’s Playground of Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido

1: Do and know’The God’s Playground ?’

Have you ever heard about’The God’s Playground‘ Kamui mintara in Ainu words who are the Hokkaido natives?

Kamui mintara means ‘ The God’s Playground’.

I and my son trekked and enjoyed colorful leaves at the’ The God’s Playground’ like a native Ainu people’s Gods in the middle of September in Hokkaido.

Colorful autumn leaves between Mt.Asahidake and Mt.Kurodake

2: The God’s Playground is located in Daisetsuzan National Park

The tallest peak in Hokkaido is found in Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan’s largest national park the size is equal to the Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo. The tallest mountain is Mt.Asahidake 2291m active volcano.

In Ainu culture( natives of Hokkaido), this area is known as the “God’s Playground,” or ‘Kamui mintara’.
We can play and enjoy the great nature of this area as Gods do!

Daisetsuzan is surrounded by many over 2000m peaks, it’s natural landscape is breathtakingly lovely and wild.

In winter this is a skiing paradise, as its Japanese name suggests, which means “huge snowy mountains.”

Mt.Asahidake in winter

However, in the summer, when Tokyo can feel like a big steam bath, Daisetsuzan National Park, same as the rest of Hokkaido, provides a welcome cooler and drier weather.

3: How can you enjoy Kamui mintara in autumn?
In autumn it offers the first colorful autumn leaves in Japan, which is very popular for not only Japanese people but also foreign tourists.

Colorful autumn leaves between Mt Asahidake and Mt.Kurodake

4: Let’s trek through Mt.Asahidake to Mt.Kurodake
The trekking route from Mt. Asahidake 2291m the tallest mountain in Hokkaido to Mt.Kurodake 1984m is the most popular and enjoyable one which is accessible to 5th station and 7th station by rope way easily. Many people trek from Mt.Asahidake to Mt.Kurodake or opposite way by 1 day hike.

Kurodake rope way

Asahidake rope way

Asahidake rope way

You can see the colorful autumn leaves from the middle of September on the trekking way and vast view of the several peaks. This huge view is never seen in other parts of Japan.

Trekking route between Mt Asahidake and Mt.Kurodake

If you go up by the Asahidake ropeway to Sugatami station from the base , you will see the first mesmerizing view of Mt. Asahidake before us.

Mt.Asahidake 2291m the tallest mountain in Hokkaido

5: Enjoy the volcanic scenery

It was reflected in the aptly named Sugatami ( mirror) or Sapphire pond. The gushing sulfur gas and the yellowish sand color are reminded us of the huge power beneath our feet as we continued up the volcano’s slope.

We had our final glimpse of civilisation from the summit of Mt.Asahidake, turning away from the comforts of mountain villages and onsens to reach a desolate, wind-swept landscape.

From here on forth, the environment is ever-changing, with anything from snow patches to dark, volcanic rock slopes, both of which we liked sliding down. The colors were exceptionally brilliant due to the glaring sun and azure sky, especially the yellow sulphur gases of Ohachi-daira crater’s “poison onsen” (which we admired from a safe distance).

If you want to enjoy the God’s Playground ‘ Kamui mintara’ as native’s Gods do , check out here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

I and my son in front of Mt.Asahidake

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