Easy trekking even available for under 6 years old at 5th station Sugatami daira of Mt.Asahidake, the tallest mountain in Hokkaido

1: Easy trekking in the nature is the best way to refresh.
There’s nothing like heading out into nature to clear your mind. Walking through valleys and over mountains is a wonderful way to unwind and forget about the strains of modern life.

2: Trek to the tall mountain is great but hard.
But sometimes it’s a hard job to reach the summit of tall mountains.

My.Asahidake summit 2291m

Mt.Asahidake, the main peak of the Daisetsuzan mountain range, is located in the center of Hokkaido. Mt.Asahidake, which rises 2291 meters above sea level, is one of the most popular mountains in Japan and has been selected as one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. The volcanic scenery of this mountain is wild and spectacular. You can smell the gushing sulfur gas and see the roaring sound very close.

Sugatami no ike ( pond)

It takes around 3 hours to the 2291m summit even you take the Asahidake ropeway up to 5th station.

3: Easy way to reach the 5th station Sugatami daira and enjoy the view of Mt.Asahidake

Asahidake rope way

You can take the Asahidake ropeway up to about 1600 meters above sea level Sugatami daira , and after getting off the ropeway at the Sugatami terminal station, you see the mesmerizing view of Mt.Asahidake from the observation deck.

Sugatami daira trekking route

There is a mountain climbing course to the 2291m summit but the recommended course for beginners, under 6 years old, elderly people is the “Shomimi-no-ike Loop Course,” which takes about an hour to complete and is about 1.7 kilometers long. Even the first timers can easily challenge this course. The course starts from the Sugatami station and takes you to the first observatory and then to the third observatory in about 10 minutes. It is surprisingly easy to get to this point.

A little further on, there is a couple of ponds, Kagami Pond and Suribachi Pond, whose shores are surrounded by alpine plants. The path to the fourth observatory is famous as a place where you can frequently see Ezo squirrels.

If you see one, don’t hesitate to take a picture! The gently swaying and pretty alpine plants are also cute.

Ezo squirrel

If your physical strength permits, it is also interesting to go to the fumarole that emits a cloud of smoke at the end of the Sugatami pond.

Gashing sulfur

If you arrive the fifth observatory there is a rest place and ‘ Bell of love’ in front of the great view of whole Mt.Asahidake!

Bell of love

4:Easy trekking but bring warm wind proof jacket even in summer
The temperature of Mt.Asahidake changes rapidly even in summer, and it can suddenly become cold. Warm clothing is recommended when visiting. Don’t miss the area around the Kamuimintara Pond, once called the God’s Playground by the native Ainu people.

5:I and my son took lunch at fifth observatory watching whole Mt.Asahidake view!

We went down fifth observatory of Sugatami daira after climb Mt.Asahidake 2291m summit and enjoyed eating lunch watching the whole view of Mt.Asahidake!

5th observatory at Sugatami daira

If you want to enjoy the easy trekking at Sugatami daira of Mt.Asahidake, check out here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Asahidake ropeway

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