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How to enjoy Snow monkey park(Jigokudani Yaen-koen)!!! - TOKYO travel TIPS

How to enjoy Snow monkey park(Jigokudani Yaen-koen)!!!

How to enjoy Snow monkey park(Jigokudani Yaen-koen)!!

Snow monkey park

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Jigokudani Yaen-koen(snow monkey park)!

Snow monkey park
Snow monkey park

Jigokudani Yaen-koen is located in the valley of Yokoyu River in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park in northern Nagano Prefecture.

Opened in 1964, it is a place where you can observe Japanese monkeys in their natural habitat.

At an altitude of 850 m above sea level, it is a harsh environment covered with snow for almost one third of the year.

The steep cliffs and the steam from the hot springs rising up from everywhere, people in ancient times called this place “Jigokudani” (Hell Valley).

Yet this place is a paradise for monkeys.

Since ancient times, groups of Japanese macaques have lived here in their natural habitat.


Car parking

Snow monkey park
Snow monkey park

First, you can reach the Jigokudani Yaen-koen parking lot by car or bus( from Nagano, Yodanaka station)

From there, you will walk along a well-maintained flat mountain path.

You will walk through the forest with the river on your left and the occasional steam from the hot springs.


Snow monkey park

After walking for about 20-30 minutes, you will come to the entrance of Jigokudani Yaen Park.

There is a steep stairs on your right.

You will see the steam of the hot spring on the riverbed.

Inside the park

Snow monkey park
Snow monkey park

The admission is 800 yen, 400 yen for children 6-18 years old.

As soon as you enter the park, you will see monkeys everywhere.

Hot spring pool

First, I recommend you cross the bridge to the famous hot spring pool.

Snow monkey park

Around the hot springs, you see many monkeys are relaxing, bathing, playing, and fighting around the hot springs.

The riverbank under the bridge

Snow monkey park
Snow monkey park

After observing the monkeys around the hot springs, go down to the riverbank under the bridge.

It is great fun to watch the monkeys playing on both sides of the riverbank.

Especially let’s find the little baby monkeys!

They are so cute!

How about it?

Why don’t you try next time?

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!

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