Cats on God’s island

Cats on God’s Island

Cats in Kudaka Island

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God’s Island

Kudaka Island

I went to Kudaka Island.

Located southeast of the main island of Okinawa, it takes 25 minutes by ferry (680 yen round trip) or 15 minutes by high-speed boat.

The island is a sacred place in Okinawa mythology, where Amamikyo, the founder god of Okinawa, descended from the heavens to this island.

Then started building the nation.

The island is scattered with sacred sites.

Nothing has changed on this island since time immemorial.

There is no private land, and all the land is common land, as it has been since time immemorial.

There have been several attempts to develop a huge resort on this beautiful island, but they have all been destroyed.

And the island still retains its prehistoric appearance.

Cats on God’s Island

Old woman and cat in Kudaka Island

I explored Kutaka Island by renting a bicycle.

There are only about 200 people living on the island, and the villages are clustered in one corner of the island.

There are many sacred buildings on the island, but the human dwellings are similarly shaped and sometimes misidentified.

Cats in Kudaka Island

When you enter the island and go to the ferry ticket office to rent a bicycle, you will see cats lounging peacefully.

Cats in Kudaka Island

As you stroll around the island village, you will come across cats here and there taking a leisurely nap or taking a walk.

There is even a cat napping in the shade of a tree with old woman.

The atmosphere of this island gives the illusion that time has passed in the same way as it did in ancient times.

Why don’t you come and experience the flow of ancient time on Kutaka Island, the island of the gods?

You will touch something here !

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!o

Cats in Kudaka Island

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