ITA SHA(痛車),the unconditional, limitless love

‘ITA SHA( 痛車)the unconditional, limitless love’
I came across the ITA SHA in AKIHABARA, the popular geeks sanctuary.

Ita Sha  in Akihabara

ITA means’ painful, shameful’ ,
SHA means’ car’.
Anime and manga fan decorate and wrap their car by the favorite anime and manga characters , show their unconditional and limitless love for them.

ITA SHA( 痛車)

So ITA SHA is kinda self-deprecatory saying by anime and manga fan people.
You can see them often in AKIHABARA and also the anime and manga conventions in Tokyo and Japan .

It’s Sha in Akihabara
It’s Sha in Akihabara
Ita Sha in Akihabara

AKIHABARA is originally the electric parts and gadgets tiny store’s town after WW2, has gradually changed 1970s as the PC, phone parts town , then changed again as the game, toys , anime , manga figures town . This town is always changing following the local people’s interest .

Personal computer
Nintendo family computer

If you want to feel the local people’s curiosity, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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