OSHINO HAKKAI ( Oshino 8 ponds ) and Mt. FUJI

‘OSHINO HAKKAI( Oshino 8 ponds )’

I visited OSHINO HAKKAI ( Oshino 8 ponds ) village which is located in the east skirt of Mt.FUJI.

Oshino Hakkai village near mt.Fuji

There are 8 ponds where clear groundwater are gushing out . The rain which fell Mt.FUJI purified in underground over 20 years , then come out over the surface.

Clear pond

As you see the water is extremely clear and cold . There is a’ challenge game ‘ you put your hands in over 30 seconds under the water. You can see the small shape of Mt.FUJI where water is pouring.

Thatched roof and pond

Many people try it and enjoy the coldness of the water from Mt.FUJI.
In the village there are some thatched roof houses , water mill narrow walkways around the village , small river , mysterious shrine very nice place to walk around .

Water mill

I think you will feel like you’re back in time in old Japan!!

Oshino Hakkai village thatched roof house

If you want to see the extremely clear water , traditional village and Mt.FUJI check out here!!

I’m Nobu,one heart enjoy together!!!

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