September Information 2023! 

September Information 2023!


Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 26 countries!

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 10 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan ,
I show you hidden local information which you have never seen and heard of through books and ordinary site!

You will find unexpected fun through my articles!



average 24-25℃(75-77℉)hot and humid days are common especially in the first half of the month.



This month is said to be frequent in the first half of September.

Please pay attention to the weather forecast, as your travel plans may be disrupted.



Since there are rainy days, it is a good idea to buy a folding umbrella at Daiso ( 1 dollar store) or other stores after you arrive in Japan.( 300 yen -1000 yen, 2-6 dollars)

It is very convenient to always have it in your bag.



Summer clothes are fine for the first half (until around September 23).

For the second half, it is convenient to prepare one additional thin layer of clothing.

Silver Week

Like Golden Week in May, there are series of national holidays .

September 18 is Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day and September 23 is the Autumnal Equinox Holiday.

So from Saturday, September 16 to Sunday, September 24 is called Silver Week.

It’s when the summer heat is almost over and the weather is getting comfortable.

Many Japanese people return to their hometowns or go out vacations.

Various sightseeing spots will be crowded, so be sure to make reservations for the places you want to visit.

Silver week


September 18, Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day, a day to express gratitude to grandparents.

We do present for them.

Why don’t you join us?

Respect for senior citizens day

September 23, Autumnal Equinox Day, the day changes from summer to autumn.

There are many festival to enjoy autumn harvests.


September 29, Mid-Autumn Day, a day to enjoy the beautiful full moon and eat dumplings at many temples and shrines.

You can participate the romantic night events!

Check the moon watching events!

September full moon
Full moon

Fruits picking

Fruits picking

September is the time when you can enjoy picking the peaches, grapes and pears.

If you like fruits picking, search ‘ fruits picking ‘ at your destination.

Hitachi seaside park

Hitachi seaside park

You can enjoy green Kokia in September.

I hope the tourists for September, check above and prepare well!

I’m Nobu, ons heart enjoy together!!!

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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