Setsubun! Demons out! Fortune in!!

Setsubun! Demons out! Fortune in!!

Setdubun in kanda myujin shrine

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Setsubun( between winter and spring)

Setsubun is the day before spring.( 4th February is the start of spring)

And on this day, bean-throwing ceremonies are held at temples and shrines all over Japan.

It was originally held in the imperial court from the 9-10th century.

It is a fun tradition that the father always dresses up as an Oni( demon) and the children throw beans at the Oni father.


Saying’ Demons out! Fortune in!’.

And the bad Oni become good Oni and become good friends.

Then they wish for good health for the whole year.

It is said that if you eat the number of beans corresponding to your age in that year, it will be good for your health and make you happy.

Sensoji temple

Every year, famous shrines and temples hold bean-throwing ceremonies inviting celebrities of the Year of the Man and Woman.

Sensoji temple
Demon slayer voice actor

Today, at Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, the voice actors from the anime “Deamon slayer’ sprinkled beans.

Demon slayer voice actors

Kanda myojin shrine

At Kanda Myojin, celebrities of Kyogen, a traditional Japanese performing art, were throwing beans.

Kyogen( Japanese traditional comedy ) performers

I’ve got many at 2 temples and 1 shrine!

Would you like to receive some lucky beans?

You may become healthy!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Setsubun Beans
I’ve got them!
Setsubun beans
Setsubun Beand

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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