Shonan monorail, the roller coaster from the town to the beach!

Shonan Monorail, the roller coaster from the town to the coast

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Shonan monorail

Shonan monorail
Shonan monorail

I rode the Shonan Monorail on my way back from Enoshima.

The Shonan Monorail is a 6.6-km-long suspension monorail connecting JR Ofuna Station and Enoshima station .

There are 17 monorail systems in all over Japan.

suspension monorail

Shonan monorail
Shonan monorail
Chiba monorail
Chiba suspension monorail

But only Chiba City and here seem to have suspension monorails as a means of public transportation. ( although some amusement parks have them too).

The monorail started operation in 1970, and at first 30% of the passengers were tourists to Enoshima Island and 70% were commuters.

Shonan monorail above the road
Shonan monorail above the road

Since then, the development of residential areas and villas along the line has progressed.

And now it seems that 10% of the demand is for tourism and 90% is for commuters.

The monorail is characterized by its suspension system.

Monorail route

The cars are light and can easily run through the 60-meter ups and downs along the line.

Route map
Route map

On the way, the train runs over rows of cars, through tunnels in hilly areas, and up hills, making it feel like a roller coaster.
So I recommend you get on the front car just back of the driver.

In the hills
In the hills

From JR Ofuna Station to Enoshima Station, the train departs every 7 minutes, takes 14 minutes, and costs 320 yen( 3.2 dollars )

Mt.Fuji from monorail Enoshima station

If you are going to Enoshima, this is one of the transportation options especially from Ofuna Station.

If the weather is fine you would see Mt.Fuji from the Enoshima station.

Mt.Fuji from Enoshima station
Mt Fuji from Enoshima station

If you are going to Enoshima and if you like monorail , why don’t you take it here?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Shonan monorail


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