Shrine in the Pacific Ocean


I visited OOARAI-ISOSAKI shrine in Ibaraki prefecture.


It’s founded AD 856 , God appeared this seashore which is written in the imperial book of that century .

Ooarai-isosaki shrine main hall
OOARAI-ISOSAKI shrine main hall

The main shrine is huge and located on the top of the hill near the seashore.

TORII gate in the Pacific Ocean

But the TORII gate of the seashore where God descent faces on the Pacific Ocean and very popular for local people.

Sunrise behind the Torii gate
Sunrise behind the TORII gate

Sunrise and Torii gate

The sunrise from the Pacific Ocean appears behind the TRII gate and it’s very picturesque.
It takes 3 hours from Tokyo by train , 2 hours by car .

Waves of Pacific Ocean

If you want to take great photos, check out here!!

The sun in the Torii gate
Sun in the TORII gate

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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