National flower chrysanthemum

There are 2 national flowers in Japan. One is SAKURA( cherry blossom) the other is KIKU( chrysanthemum).

Cherry blossom is very popular not only for Japanese but also foreign people as a symbol of spring in Japan.

Chrysanthemum flowers

KIKU( chrysanthemum) is a family crest of the imperial family and symbol of autumn in Japan.

Imperial family crest

16 petals chrysanthemum is the official number of the imperial family crest, nobody can copy it.

Japanese passport

Japanese passport design is chrysanthemum too.
There are many chrysanthemum exhibitions all over Japan, this video is in MEIJI Shrine today.

Chrysanthemum dolls
In NIHONMATSU city Fukushima prefecture

Many of them are decorated with dolls, we call it KIKU-NINGYO( chrysanthemum dolls).
Unfortunately many exhibitions are canceled this year due to corona.
The photo of chrysanthemum dolls is the one in NIHONMATSU city in Fukushima prefecture.

MEIJI shrine chrysanthemum flower exhibition

If you’re in Japan next year during November, check them out!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Meiji shrine impchrysanthemum crest
Torii gate of MEIJI shrine
Chrysanthemum flower
Chrysanthemum flower
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