Sumo Fan Festival October 6,7th! 

Sumo Fan Festival October 6,7th!

Sumo fun festival

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Sumo fun festival

Ryohoku martial arts stadium

I went to the Sumo Fan Festival today.

This is an event to show appreciation to sumo fans by giving them a chance to meet various wrestlers.

There are a lot of events

1: Salting the ring


Before a bout, rikishi ( wrestlers) sprinkle salt on the ring to purify it.

2: Gyoji ( judge)experience


The gyoji judges whether a rikishi wins or loses. Experience this.

3: Table tennis with rikishi

Ping pong

You enjoy tennis with Rikishi( wreslers).

4: Playing cards with rikishi

Card game

You play cards with Rikishi at the table .

5: Arm push wrestling with Rikishi

Arm push sumo wrestling

You try arm push wrestling with Rikishi and take photo together.

6: Chanko-nabe, the food of sumo wrestlers competition.

Chanko nabe

5 sumo stables compete taste of their chanko-nabe and vote , decide the winner.

7: Sumo Jinku( sumo song) and hair-dressing demonstration

Sumo song
Hair making

You enjoy sumo songs and wrestlers hair dresser.

Admission is basically free, but if you want to experience the various privileges, you will have to pay a membership fee.

However, there are sumo wrestlers everywhere and a variety of events, the free admission is enough to have a good time.

If you come next year, why don’t you join us?

You will experience the unique Japanese culture here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Photo time

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