SUMO wrestler’s dish

‘SUMO wrestler’s dish’
Me and my family went to the SUMO wrestler’s dish restaurant.

Suki wrestler’s dish restaurant
HANANOMAI restaurant
Food samples

The name is HANANOMAI close to the RYOGOKU SUMO stadium.
We ate CHANKO NABE , hot pot broth with vegetables, mushrooms, TOFU and chicken meat.

Chanko nabe materials
CHANKO NABE( hot pot broth)

It’s the main dish of SUMO wrestlers . The wrestlers eat this dish after they finish the SUMO practice every morning.

Posters and ring

We ordered 3 broths.
1: salt
2: miso
3: spicy soy sauce
Every broth is delicious!

ITADAKIMASU ( I eat it with gratitude)

SUMO wrestler’s dish is basically full of vegetables , only chicken meat, very healthy. They don’t eat so much beef nor pork meat.
But they eat it with 5 times more rice than ordinary people and get rest after eating ! That is why they get bigger.

In the restaurant

There is a SUMO ring , figures , posters and pictures in the restaurant, the back ground music is SUMO wrestling music .
If you want to feel the SUMO society, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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