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The first colorful leaves in OZE national park - TOKYO travel TIPS

The first colorful leaves in OZE national park

‘The first colorful leaves in OZE national park ‘
I trekked OZE national park to see the early colorful leaves.

OZE national park

This is one of the 34 national parks in Japan, well preserved the original conditions carefully.

Oze national park in early summer
OZE early summer
Oze national park in summer
OZE middle summer

OZE is the biggest wetland in Japan formed by volcano dammed river 10000 years ago. The elevation is from 1400-1660m also surrounding mountains are over 2000m .

Oze national park in autumn
OZE in early autumn

You can see colorful leaves in early October here .

Colorful leaves
Colorful leaves

By its nature beauty this area is the popular trekking area for Japanese people. Moreover there is no trash can whole this national park to keep the nature condition clean, you have to carry back all your trash home .

OZE national park no trash
OZE national park

If you’re interested in the beautiful nature and trekking, check out here!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Colorful leaves in OZE national park
Colorful leaves in OZE
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