BENTO( portable lunch ) in Kyoto

‘BENTO in Kyoto’

In Japan we often eat BENTO , a portable lunch ( also lunch box itself)which can carry outside , at schools, offices , train journey, picnic in the parks.

It’s a common tradition when we eat outside and while traveling.


It’s often made in house for school children by mom also sold in the market everyday at department stores , supermarkets , convenience stores , road shops , train stations …. literally anywhere from tiny cheap ones to expensive gorgeous ones.

Pockemon    bento
BENTO for school
Totoro bento
BENTO for school
Meat ball bento
BENTO for office
Salmon bento
BENTO for office

I ate very delicious and beautiful BRNTO my customer’s office ( they hesitated to take me to the restaurant due to corona)offered by the famous SHOJIN-RYORI ( monks vegetarian food)restaurant IZUSEN in Kyoto.
As you see there are over 30 ingredients very delicious and healthy!!

IZUSEN BENTO (Japanese monks food restaurant)

If you travel Japan, try BENTO ! It’s a nice chance to experience Japanese dietary.The train station is a good chance!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

Bento lunch
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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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