OMAMORI( amulet, lucky charm)

‘OMAMORI( amulet, lucky charm)’
Have you bought OMAMORI( amulet, lucky charm) in shrine or Buddha temple in Japan?

OMAMORIof Meiji shrine

It’s a common culture we buy OMAMORI at shrines and Buddha temples when we visit there .
OMAMORI literally means ’ protect ‘.

Battlefield in Kamakura era
KAMAKURA era battlefield

It’s date back to 10th century HEIAN era and had been very popular for people in KAMAKURA era , 12th to 14th century when there were many civil wars.

Mantra words for protection
Protection words

People prayed the safety of the loved ones and themselves at the battlefield by visiting shrines and temples bought OMAMORI and having them.
OMAMORI is covered by the beautiful fabric porch , there is a small paper which ‘mantra ‘ or ‘ prayer words ‘ are written in it .

Traffic safety
Traffic safety
Safety delivery
Safety delivery
Pass the examination
Pass the examination
Recovery from illness
Recovery from illness

Nowadays many people buy OMAMORI as a souvenir for ‘traffic safety(put in a car )’’ safety delivery ‘‘ pass the examination’’ good health’ etc…
If you’re interested in and visit shrines and Buddha temples in Japan, try one !!
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