Mt.Fuji climbing in half-day-2 Mountain hut of 9th stationary

‘Mt.Fuji climbing in half-day-2

Mountain hut of 9th station ’
I climbed Mt.Fuji in half-day without staying at the mountain hut.

It’s called’ bullet climbing’.
I don’t recommend it for not fit people. It causes height sick often.
I went to the 5th station of FUJINOMIYA entrance by bus, started at 23:10 night and reached the Mt.Fuji top 4:20, by 5 hours 10 minutes. I rested 9th station hut and ate a light hot meal to warm my body.

They sell hot meals , drinks and oxygen !! Many people are resting in the hut before arriving at the top of Mt.Fuji.

If you want to feel this friendly atmosphere, check out here!
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Vending machine at 9th station
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

9th station mountain hut of Mt.Fuji
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