Dragon Quest meets Japanese hit maker Koichi Sugiyama

At the opening ceremony of this summer’s Tokyo 2020 Olympics games, you could hear the melody from Dragon Quest the popular computer role playing game .

Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening

This game series sold over 83 million pieces in the world from 1986.

Koichi Sugiyama , the composer died 30th September

The composer is Koichi Sugiyama, who died of septicemia on September 30.

Koichi Sugiyama Guinness award as the oldest game music composer
Guinness prize as the oldest game music composer

His master pieces are instantly recognizable from the intro alone.
Born in Tokyo, he grew up in a musical family where all the family members were music lovers.

The hit maker of Japanese pop music

In the 1970s, he influenced the music scene by being one of the first to incorporate elements of Western classical music into Japanese pop music.

Koichi Sugiyama as Tv director
Koichi Sugiyama as a director

He first came to prominence as the director of Fuji Television’s big hit program, “The Hit Parade”.

Then he became a composer of popular songs in Japan, providing songs for numerous singers and becoming a major hit maker.

He has also created a wide variety of music for commercials, animation, and special effects movies .

Japanese TvV series Ultra man
Ultra man

He has composed over several thousands of songs in his life.

Undoubtedly he is one of the leading composers of modern Japan.

Dragon Quest met Koichi Sugiyama 1986

He started working on the music for Dragon Quest in his mid-fifties, and was in charge of the music for the first game released in 1986.

Dragon quest

At first, Dragon Quest was ordered to have a rock style music , but Sugiyama insisted that a classical style music would be appropriate .

Because the world of the game was a “medieval knight’s tale”.

The basic concept based on classical music was decided upon then.This was just before the master-up, and all the music was produced in one week.

This game series have grown to become one of the most popular games in Japan, with more and more fans as the series continues.

He himself has been working on the music for Dragon Quest for over 30 years. He has contributed to raising the status of game music, which was once considered low.

Computer desk

For over 50s and above, his music is the sign of the times

For those of us who are not from the video game generation and are in our 50s or older, his numerous pop hits from the 1970s and 1980s come to mind.

Dragon Quest got over 500 songs from Japan’s one of the greatest hit makers Koich Sugiyama.


“Dragon Quest is my life-work. I want to work hard as a composer for the rest of my life. “

“In games and in life, if you run away, you won’t gain any experience.”

said Koichi Sugiyama.

The beautiful melodies that resonate in our hearts will continue to remain in our minds.

Music which is in our mind

If you’re interested in the music , check out his master pieces!

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