100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, TAIZOIN temple in Kyoto

‘100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, at TAIZOIN temple in Kyoto’
I visited TAIZOIN temple in Kyoto.

It’s the subsidiary temple inside the big NYOSHINJI temple complex of RINZAI Buddha school .

It’s founded 1404, famous for its beautiful Japanese garden and ZEN picture ‘ HYONENZU’ which is registered as a national treasure.

Zen picture HYONENZU national treasure

It shows the ZEN question ‘ How do you catch fish by a gourd bottle?’
I don’t know the answer though…
The Japanese garden is not big but it’s pretty well designed and balanced for me, I feel like I were in the middle of the mountain.

The weeping cherry blossom and colorful autumn leaves are really beautiful.

It’s located the north west part of Kyoto.
If you like ZEN and nature , check it out.
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Weeping cherry blossom in TAIZOIN temple
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