Bonsai is a Japanese art form of the living potted miniature tree.

Plum bonsai
Plum bonsai

It reminds us the big tree in the nature.
I like the flowering Bonsai a lot.
Bonsai is basically green color from its green leaves of Pine , Juniperus , Rockspray cotoneaster , quiet atmosphere.

Bonsai of green

But following Bonsais are pink, red , yellow and white etc…
Very colorful , cute and show the coming season very clearly.
These are flowering plum Bonsais at OGOSE PLUM FESTIVAL in SAITAMA prefecture next to Tokyo.

Plum flowering Bonsais

I think this is a temporary shop on the festival.
The prices are reasonable, not expensive.

Plum bonsai
Nice trunk

I like the trunk of them , look very aged!

Flowering bonsai
Beautiful trunk

If you’re interested in Bonsai , check it out!
These are the pretty messengers of Spring!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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