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CAFE with patio - TOKYO travel TIPS

CAFE with patio

‘CAFE with patio’
This is the SETABI CAFE next to the SETAGAYA museum in the KINUTA park of Tokyo.

SETABI cafe patio

It has a big quiet patio with a small waterfall.
People often come here and relax without buying anything.

Waterfall patio of setabi cafe

The menu are very reasonable coffee is 340yen ( 3.4 dollars) and lunch is 980yen ( 9.8 dollars). The materials which used are very healthy .

Menu at the SETABI cafe

The name of SETABI is from the shorten words of
BIJUTSUKAN ( museum)
Japanese language has a lot of syllables, very tedious to pronounce all the words.
We often enjoy shorten versions of the long words sentences.
Also it’s a pun of the words ‘C’est la vie ‘! We often enjoy the wordplay !

If you get tired of watching the museum or playing in the KINUTA park , check out here!!
You can relax hearing the following water and quiet atmosphere!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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