Cafe in FUSHIMI-INARI shrine

FUSHIMI-INARI shrine has a huge precinct area , if you walk the whole way it’s like 2 hours of small mountain hiking.


So if your parents’s and friend’s legs are not strong, they had better stay the entrance area . Or after you trekked whole way and back to the entrance area, try INARI-SARYO CAFE. It locates just left side of the entrance area.

Matcha parfait
Matcha parfait
Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets
Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets

They offer mostly Japanese sweets and drinks . There are 2 choices to enjoy here . You go in the cafe , sit on the veranda and enjoy scenery and cafe , or you take out your order , sit on the right side of the entrance rest area. Taking out is 200 yen ( 2 dollars) cheaper than stay in the cafe .

The entrance of cafe
Have a sheet

If you need a rest in FUSHIMI-INARI shrine, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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