CHUSHUNO MEIGETSU ( moon viewing night )

‘CHUSHUNO MAIGETSU ( moon viewing night )’
1st October is CHUSHUNO MEIGETSU the most beautiful full moon night in the year.

CHUSHUNO MEIGETSU, the best full moon in the year
Full moon near my house

We offer rice dumplings and Japanese pampas on the wagon and enjoy moon viewing.

Rice dumplings and Japanese pampas
TSUKIMI DANGO ( moon viewing dumplings)

The round rice dumplings represent the moon and also celebrates the rice harvest which is the same period of the year. Also there is a fairly tale that there live rice pounding rabbits on the moon , from the shape of the shadow surface of the moon.

Rice pounding and moon
Rice pounding rabbits on the moon

Moon viewing festival in DAIKAKUJI temple in Kyoto
Moon viewing festival
Moon viewing boat at DAIKAKUJI temple in Kyoto
Moon viewing from the boat

There are many moon viewing events and festivals all over Japan.
We Japanese really enjoy changing seasons and seasonal events!

If you have a plan to visit Japan this period, check it out!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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