Climbing Mt. Fuji in Okinawa, Mt .Motobu Fuji

Climbing Mt. Fuji in Okinawa, Mt .Motobu Fuji

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Mt.Motobu Fuji in Okinawa
Mt.Motobu Fuji in Okinawa
The summit

Local Mt.Fuji

In Japan, there are many mountains named “~Fuji” in various places.

Ezo Fuji in Hokkaido, Dewa Fuji in Tohoku, Sanuki Fuji in Shikoku, Tsukushi Fuji in Kyushu and so on.

Ezo Fuji in Hokkaido
Ezo Fuji in Hokkaido
Dewa Fuji in Tohoku
Dewa Fuji in Tohoku
Sanuki Fuji in Shikoku
Sanuki Fuji in Shikoku
Tsukushi Fuji in Kyushu
Tsukushi Fuji in kyushu

It is said that there are more than 400 Mt.Fujis totally in Japan.

Most of them are stratovolcanoes with a beautiful slope base, just like Mt. Fuji.

But sometimes mountains that look nothing like Mt. Fuji.

Because they all reflect the affection and love that the locals have for their respective mountains.

People love Mt. Fuji, Japan’s largest mountain, of its beauty and bravery.

Local people named their local mountains after Mt. Fuji.

Mt.Fuji in Okinawa

Mt.Motobu Fuji
Mt.Motobu Fuji
View from the summit
View from the summit

I climbed a mountain called Motobu Fuji in Okinawa.

This mountain is located in an area called Yamasato in Motobu Town, the middle of Okinawa Prefecture.

It is 240 m high.

The surrounding area is a unique lava-eroded terrain where limestone has been eroded by rain containing carbon dioxide gas.

Lave eroded terrains
Lava eroded terrains

It forms a hilly area called conical karst, which is unique to the tropics.

The surface is covered with plants peculiar to limestone, and each of the standing figures looks like a huge cairn or a burial mound.

This is the first mountain in Okinawa Prefecture to be named “Fuji”.

And the mountain’s shape is conical and is worthy of the name Fuji.


East China Sea and Ir island
East China Sea and Ie island

The summit is only 240 m high, but since there are no high mountains around, the view is a 360-degree panorama.

Below you can see Motobu Town and the East China Sea.

Okinawa is famous for its ocean activities, but the mountains are great too!

You can enjoy forest bathing in Okinawa too!

Forest bathing
Totoro Umbrella
Totoro umbrella
Totoro umbrella

Why don’t you climb Okinawa local Mt. Fuji ?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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