SAITO GOMA, extinguish our lust

‘SAITO GOMA, extinguish our lust ‘
I attended SAITO GOMA ritual at TAKAOSAN-YAKUOUIN temple in Tokyo.


It’s the ritual of esoteric Buddhism only in Japan. The original history could be the long time ago when human kind firstly found out the fire.

Put the fire

The similar ritual is in the Hindu religion as ‘HOMA’ too.

Hindu HOMA

If we attend the ritual, our lust can be extinguished and can purify our soul and body .

Purify body by boiled water

On this ritual the monks walk through the fire ground.

Walk through on the fire ground
Walk through on the fire ground

After the monks suppress the fire , ordinary people like us enable to walk through too!
I walked through of course!

Ordinary people walk through on the fire ground

If you want to attend the Buddhism fire ritual and extinguish your lust , check out here!
It’s free.
You just come here before the ritual.
This year is from 13:00 14th March .
You can enjoy the exotic culture !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Saito GOMA at Takaosan
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