Yamabiraki ( opening mountain) on 1st July!

Yamabiraki ( opening mountain) on 1st July!

Opening mountain

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What is “Yamabiraki( opening mountain)day”

Opening mountain

Yamabiraki is an event that is inseparable from the “mountain worship” of the Japanese people.

At the same time, it is a wish for the safety of climbers during that period.

Nowadays, the various events are also held as a special day that many climbers look forward to.


Enno ozune, founder of Shugendo

Mountain worship is the feeling that we pay worship for mountains a objects.

Since ancient times, people in Japan have felt both awe and benefit from mountains.

Mountains provide us with plants, animals, and abundant water.

But at the same time, they also have a harsh side that can cause disasters and accidents. 

The majestic aspect of the mountains also gave them a sense of divine authority.

And they came to regard mountains as a kind of divinity.

A place of prayer

New leaves

The belief in the mountain spread as a place of worship and a sacred place.

With the development of Shugendo( mix of Buddhism and Shintoism) , only priests and practitioners entered the mountains.

They climbed to undergo rigorous ascetic trainings.

And the mountains became more and more a place of ascetic practice.

This is why there are “sacred mountains” throughout Japan.

Mountain climbing as a leisure activity

Top of the mountain

However, as the modern era progressed, ordinary people began to enjoy mountain climbing as a form of ascetic practice and worship.

From there, it became permissible to climb mountains for limited periods of time.

The event of mountain opening is to worship God of the mountain.

It’s also to pray for safety while climbing, and to celebrate the opening of the mountain.

Different mountains have different opening days.

Most are from March to July.



Mt.Fuji, the most famous mountain, the opening period is from July 1 to September 10.

During this period, mountain lodges are open, safety personnel are available, toilets available and it is relatively safe to climb Mt.Fuji.

In fact, it is possible to climb Mt.Fuji other period by reporting the application to the police.

But it’s not recommended, because the weather of Mt.Fuji is changeable and toilets and other facilities are not in operation.

Why don’t you climb Mt.Fuji during Yamabiraki period?

It’s crowded by climbers , still you will enjoy the magnificent view from the top!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Mt.Fuji sunset

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