Greta Thunberg、Global warming and SHINTOISM

‘Greta Thunberg、Global warming and SHINTOISM’

Do you know Greta Ernman Thunberg?
She is the Swedish activist against the global warming.

Greta Thunberg is a activist against the global warming

She boycotted the class 3 weeks to accuse the Swedish government attitude about global warming on 2018.

It was a hottest summer after 262 years and there were serious forest fires in Sweden.

The global warming is a serious problem for us all

Many scientists think these incidents are caused by increasing CO2 exhausted by industries all over the world.

She says adults attitude to the global warming threats young generation’s future.

Many world civilizations had been cutting down the forest and destructed finally in human history like Egypt, Indus , Minos , Hittite.

The deforestation destructed the many civilizations

But in Japan our ancestors have been keeping the forest from BC 13000, Japanese land is still 75% covered by the forest.

Our ancestors knew that rich forest make the rich fruits, clops, animals, soil , pond , stream and finally the rich river water makes the rich fish in the ocean.

So they replanted the trees if they cut them down.

As you know the forest decrease CO2 and creates O2, good to keep the environmental ecosystem.

The thick green leaves keep the temperature cool . But the desert can’t keep the coolness anymore like Sahara.

SHINTO is the Japanese native belief that we humans is a part of the great nature, we don’t exist violating our surroundings .

That is why we pay respect everything.
We think everything should be sustainable and circulate .

But the modern civilization have conquered the nature for a long time as they want , now its time the nature started to revenge .

We don’t have so much time as
Greta Ernman Thunberg said.

Shall we start to pay respect everything around us not only human, but also stream , pond , mountain, food , clothing, shelter , animals and air ?

I believe if we change our behavior, we can survive.
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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