Hidden ZEN garden KOMYOIN in Kyoto


I came across the hidden ZEN garden KOMYO-IN in Kyoto.

KOMYOIN temple

It’s founded 1391 walking distance from TOFUKUJI temple , famous for its colorful leaves in autumn.

Colorful leaves in komyoin
KOMYOIN colorful leaves

Many famous ZEN gardens of Kyoto like RYOANJI , TOFUKUJI, NANZENJI are very crowded by tourists, often lack of ZEN feeling.
But this temple is quite calm and quiet because it’s close from famous TOFUKUJI temple , people don’t have energy to visit here after TOFUKUJI anymore.

The entrance of KOMYOIN
The window in komyoin
The window

You can sit in front of the garden as long as you can in this temple.


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The sound of nature
Zen garden in komyoin
ZEN garden in KOMYOIN

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

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