ONIGIRI, rice ball

‘ONIGIRI ( rice ball) ‘
ONIGIRI is the handy portable food very popular for Japanese people.
ONIGIRI literally means’ grabbed rice’ by hands .

Onigiri rice balls  and pickles
ONIGIRI rice balls

We can find the vestiges of ONIGIRI 2000 years ago in old remains.

Vestiges of onigiri
Vestiges of ONIGIRI

On AD 721 there is a word ‘ ONIGIRI’ in old book.
Now we can find ONIGIRI in convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores , BENTO stores….

Onigiris in convenience store
Convenience store

It’s one of the typical and popular snacks in Japan.
There are many variations of ingredients in ONIGIRI, like 1: salmon 2: tuna with mayonnaise 3: spicy cod roe 4: sea weed 5: salty plum….

You can find much more variations in the stores . You can chose from them up to your mood .
I show you how to eat it here .
If you visit Japan and look for a casual food , try ONIGIRI!!

Onigiri is delicious

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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