How to raise up Shiba Inu well ?

How to raise up Shiba Inu well ?

Shiba Inu is the traditional Japanese dog the history is date back to the JOMON period ( BC 16000-2000).

Handsome Shiba inu

It’s a nationally protected species of Japan.Yes we are a intimate friend for a long time!

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Character of Shiba Inu , Loyal and patient

They are very loyal to their owners because they used to work with their owners as hunting dogs.

They will follow their owner’s instructions and will act patiently to achieve their goals.

They like to be close to their owners and are very attached to them. They are intelligent and have a good memory. Another attractive feature of the Shiba Inu is that they are smart enough to respond to what their owners tell them to do and remember it well.

The Shiba Inu is worthy of training and will grow into a calm, intelligent dog with the right training.

Shiba inu running

The first half month is important

Up to about three and a half months of age, what is known as the “socialization period” . It’s the time can rapidly absorb all kinds of things.

During this socialization period, your dog should be exposed to a lot of people and things outside of the family.

So he can learn social skills and be able to act calmly when he encounters unfamiliar situations.

Shiba inu puppy

Do a everyday exercise and play together

Please do a daily exercise and playtime together.Although the Shiba Inu is classified as a small dog, but requires as much exercise as a medium-sized dog.

Walk with Shiba inu

Make sure to walk your Shiba Inu at least one hour every day. If their exercise is not enough they may become stressed and might start barking. It is also a good idea to let your dog play with intelligent toys to take advantage of its clever nature.

Shiba Inu play

Toys that help develop the ability to think while playing are ideal for Shiba Inus. In addition, try to spend some time playing together. Although dogs can play by themselves with toys.

But sometimes it is good to play with them in a different way so as to stimulate them and also to communicate with them. The Shiba Inu is loyal and loving to its owner.

Shiro( white) Shiba Inu

Can you be a owner of Shiba Inu even first-time dog owner?

Shiba Inu is a great breed not only for first-time dog owners but for anyone.
During the socialization period,the Shiba Inu should be exposed to people and dogs outside of the family, as well as outside scenery and events.
Be sure to communicate with your dog on a daily basis through skinship and play to build a strong relationship of trust.

Kuro ( black) Shiba Inu

Trust me!If you have a Shiba Inu , he or she will be an eternal family!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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