Sora in Japan, not only Kingdom Hearts

Sora in Japan, not only Kingdom Hearts.

Blue sky in Daisetsuzan National Park

1: Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Sora is a character from the computer game Kingdom Hearts series.

Sora from kingdom hearts

He is one of the main characters of the Kingdom Hearts series, and the most representative character of the Kingdom Hearts series.

2: Meaning of Sora

His name comes from the word ‘Sora=空=Sky’in Japanese.

Sora = Sky

In the Japanese name rankings, Sora=空 is the 21st most common name for boys in 2020, and the 83rd most common name for girls. You might meet Mr. or Ms.Sora somewhere in Japan.

The meaning of this name is sky, parents give it to their children to pray for their future as they spread their wings to the sky.

The character for Sora 空 also has another meaning.

3: Another meaning of Sora

The word Sora 空 is also read as ‘Khu’ and is one of the most important concepts in Buddhism.

Buddha image of khu

One of the biggest differences between Buddhism and other religions is this idea of the ‘空=Khu’.    

Buddhism teaches that everything is empty. Even good and evil are not seen as absolutes. Everything is two sides of the same coin.

These are relative. Therefore although there is a difference between good and evil, we see it as something that does not exist.

It is not a dualism of good and evil like other religions.

So in Buddhism, there is ultimately no conceptual barrier between good and bad.

It is relative and depends on how you look at it.

The 空=Khu=Sky is both empty and full of reality.

Instead of getting caught up and stick to something, we should accept everything with an open mind and live a full real life.

This is the essence of the 空=Khu=Sky.

4: Character of Sora in Kingdom Hearts

The character set of Sora in Kingdom Hearts is cheerful and optimistic.

Also, he is short-tempered, can’t read between the lines, makes many gaffes, has poor intuition, and is naive.

However, he is said to have a heart that is unfazed by anything and a strong sense of justice.

This characterization of Sora may also reflect the concept of the 空=Khu=Sky which accepts all difficulties.

5: Sora =Sky in Japan

Blue sky at Kyoto

I posts many beautiful blue sky photos of Japan here. We call the beautiful blue sky without the clouds ‘Nihonbare’ literally means’ Japan sunny day’.It’s empty and full of good vibrations.

Blue sky in front of Mt.Fuji and Shinkansen

If you want to feel the Sora = Sky in Japan, come and visit Japanese sunny day!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Blue sky at Tokyo Midtown

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