‘Get back’ do you know the relationship between the Beatles and the Nippon Budokan( martial arts stadium)?

‘Get back’do you know the relationship between the Beatles and Nippon Budokan( martial arts stadium)?

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The Beatles
The Beatles

Get back , the Beatles!

A movie about the Beatles ‘Get back’ will be released soon. I’m looking for it badly!

I am a big fan of the Beatles and have all of their albums and the bootleg of Beatles’ live in Japan album!!

And at karaoke, there are many Beatles songs that I am good at.

I often go and sing their songs !

The Beatles and the Nippon Budokan

Nippon Budokan
Nippon Budokan

There is a connection between the Beatles and the Nippon Budokan, a sacred stadium for martial arts in Japan.

The Beatles came to Japan in 1966 and performed five times here .

This was the first time that a rock musician performed at the Nippon Budokan.

Paul MacCartney
Paul MacCartney

History of the Nippon Budokan

It was built as the venue for the Judo competition at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

The design of the building is octagonal, modeled after Horyuji Temple’s Dream Hall in Nara.

Nippon Budokan
Nippon Budokan

The ridges of the large roof are inspired by Mt. Fuji.

People use here as a training and competition venue for Japanese martial arts (judo, kendo, kyudo, sumo, karate-do, aikido, Shorinji kempo, naginata, jukendo, and kobudo).

It is also used for dance, marching band, and baton twirling competitions.

And it is also used as a venue for music festival concerts and martial arts (professional boxing, professional wrestling, and mixed martial arts) events now.

More over it is also widely used as a venue for large scale entrance/graduation ceremonies and shareholders meetings of universities and corporations.

When it was first established, it had a stronger meaning as a “sacred place for Japanese martial arts” than it does today.


The Beatles

So when the Beatles held a concert in 1966, many people, including Matsutaro Shoriki, the director of the Budokan, and political commentators objected to it.

They said that it was a desecration of Japanese martial arts culture.

But after the Beatles’ concert, it has become known as a sacred place for music in Japan.

Then it has become a stage of longing for many musicians.

When the term “Budokan” is used in the field of performance venues, including music, it generally refers to this hall. ( there are many other Budokans in Japan )

Music live concert
Music live

Mecca of music

Incidentally, musicians have performed here one after another.

The Beatles

Bob Dylan

Cheap Trick

The Walker Brothers


Led Zeppelin

Deep Purple

The Carpenters

Eric Krypton

The Queens

Olivia Newton-John


Guns N’ Roses

The Rolling Stones

Elton John

Paul McCartney

Do you have a favorite musician of yours?

When you come to Japan, it would be great if you could see some performances at the Nippon Budokan.

Also, the Nippon Budokan is surrounded by the Imperial Palace.

Kitanomaru park
Kitanomaru park

There is a quiet park called Kitanomaru Park next to Budokan.

Just taking a stroll through this park is so nice!

If you come to Japan, check out here!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Let it be
Let it be

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