How to see Sumo wrestling up close by 3,000( 20 dollars ) yen! 

How to see Sumo wrestling up close by 3,000 ( 20 dollars) yen!

Sumo wrestling

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Sumo wrestling 3000 yen outline

Sumo wrestling in RYOGOKU stadium

1:Date and time: sometime in the first week of October
   Open 8:00
   Start 12:30
   End 16:30
2:Fee (donation to Meiji Shrine): 3,000 yen
3:All non reserved seats
So if you go early in the morning, you may be able to get the best seats.

The 80th All Japan Wrestling Championship

RYOGOKU stadium

On 2nd October, I went to Ryogoku Kokugikan ( martial art stadium)to watch the 80th All Japan Wrestling Championship, held once a year exclusively for members of Meiji Shrine.


Emperor Meiji

In the 19th century, when Japan opened its borders to the world and adopted all kinds of Western culture, traditional Japanese traditions were in danger to keep their positions.

Sumo wrestling was no exception, and its survival was in danger.

The Emperor Meiji, while adopting Western culture, such as wearing western clothes for the first time, loved and protected the ancient Japanese tradition of Sumo wrestling.

Then has contributed greatly to maintain Sumo and contributed its prosperity to this day.

Meiji Shrine Autumn Festival

Meiji shrine

As a way of expressing Sumo Association’s gratitude for Emperor’s achievements, the Japan Sumo Association has been dedicating several activities.

The Yokozuna( champion )ring-entering ceremony at Meiji Shrine and the Japanese Sumo Tournament to the members of Meiji Shrine at Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium.

It’s been continued 80 years prior to the Meiji Shrine Autumn Grand Festival on November 3, which commemorates the Emperor Meiji’s birthday.


Meiji shrine followers

Members of Meiji Jingu (3,000 yen annual membership fee) can attend for free.

All non reserved seats, so I usually go 9:00am to get a spot where I can watch sumo up close.

You can also participate on the day of the event by paying a donation to Meiji shrine for 3,000 yen.


Sumo wrestling

1:National anthem of Japan
2:Rikishi ring-entering ceremony (introduction of wrestlers’ names)
3:Yokozuna ring-entering ceremony (to purify the ring before the fight)
4:Sumo tournament (Sumo competition)
5:Sumo jinku (a song sung in the ring during sumo tournaments)
6:Shokkiri ( funny presentations of Sumo stills and foul play)

National anthem of Japan
Sumo wrestling
Sumo wrestling
Sumo wrestling
Sumo wrestling
Sumo wrestling

You can see all of these up close and immerse yourself in Sumo culture entire day.

The up close seats are very expensive place to sit in the official sumo tournament.

Also it’s very difficult to reserve nowadays because it’s super popular!

If you are interested in Sumo and have the possibility to come to Japan in the first week of October next year, you should definitely try it!!!

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

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