KATANA ( Japanese sword) exhibition

‘KATANA( Japanese sword) exhibition’
I came across the KATANA ( Japanese sword) exhibition in YASUKUNI shrine.
The title is ‘YASUKUNI shrine and Japanese sword’ .

KATANA exhibition
Katana ( Japanese sword)

YASUKUNI shrine is dedicated to the people died by war. Many people donated their house treasure KATANA and bereaved families donated their beloved one’s belongings.
In the exhibition you can see the ‘ how to make KATANA’ video on display.


The people who worried that traditional KATANA making way would disappear near future, founded the sword-smith in the precinct of YASUKUNI shrine on 1933. ( It’s renovated as a tea room after WW2)
The sword itself is a weapon, but Japanese sword gets the beauty finally by Blacksmith’s sincere way to make KATANA .
These KATANA are always with TSUBA( guard ) , there are TSUBA displays too.

TSUBA( guard)

Japanese blacksmiths use the traditional iron making way . It’s not efficient like western iron making , takes long time. But they still use the traditional way to keep the quality of KATANA.
The entrance fee is 500 yen ( 5 dollars) , operates until 5th December.

KATANA exhibition

If you want to see the ‘ craftsmanship’ of Japanese blacksmith check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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