Sacred place in Okinawa, Silmichu !

Sacred place in Okinawa, Silmichu !

Silmichu sacred place in Okinawa

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Sacred place

Silmichu sacred place in Okinawa

There are several places in Okinawa where the legend of the creation has been handed down.

The common thread is that two gods, a man and a woman, came down to the island, and then the Okinawa people multiplied.


Silmichu sacred place in Okinawa

Silmichu is said to be the place where they took up residence.

There is a stalactite cave at the top of the stairway, where the two deities are said to have lived and had children.

Even now, at the beginning of the New Year’s prayers, the noro (people who pray to the gods) of Higa village pick up a pebble from the beach and place it in a jar placed in the cave to pray.

On this day, many people from outside also visit the shrine.

It is said to be especially good for the birth of a child or for easy childbirth.

Usually, visitors are not allowed to enter the cave.


Silmichu sacred place in Okinawa

The staircase is flanked on both sides by subtropical plants, so it is best to climb up the stairs to pray at a leisurely pace.

I stayed the Minshuku , Japanese family inn next to this place.

Minshuku family inn dinner
Minshuku family inn breakfast

I enjoyed the atmosphere of sacred place.

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Silmichu sacred rock
Silmichu sacred place in Okinawa
Silmichu sea shore

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