Early spring footages in SHIBA PARK next to Tokyo Tower

‘SHIBA PARK next to Tokyo tower’
SHIBA park is the city park next to Tokyo Tower and ZOJOJI temple in the center of Tokyo.

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Cherry blossom and TOKYO TOWER from SHIBA PARK

It is a precinct of ZOJOJI temple but due to the separation of the politics and religion policy,
the surrounding area has converted as a city park 1873 , separated from the Buddhism atmosphere.

SHIBA PARK grass area

Tokyo metropolitan government built other facilities like library, hotels, cafes, children’s playsets, flower gardens, and rest areas.

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Tokyo prince hotel in Shiba park
Tokyo prince hotel
Cafe lapin in shiba park
Cafe Lapin

It’s nice place to chill out with family and friends because it’s next to TOKYO TOWER and ZOJOJI temple, the big tourist spots .There is a TOSHOGU shrine dedicated to IEYASU TOKUGAWA, the first SHOGUN of TOKUGAWA feudal government too.

Toshogu shrine in Shiba park
TOSHOGU shrine

You come across Tokyo people here enjoying their time with friends, family and pets .

Enjoy the time with family, friends and pets

If you come to TOKYO TOWER or ZOJOJI temple during your itinerary, don’t miss this park.

Flower garden
JIZO BUDDHA statues in ZOJOJI temple

Take time to chill out and feel the atmosphere of Tokyo life !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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Shiba park next to Tokyo tower
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