Shinjuku eisa( Okinawa Bon dance ) festival!

Shinjuku eisa( Okinawa Bon dance ) festival!

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Eisa( Okinawan bon dance)Festival


Buddhist monks stayed in Okinawa for three years from 1603 to propagate the Jodo sect of Buddhism.

It led to the spread of Buddhism in Okinawa, mainly among the royal and aristocratic families.

Performance and obon

The custom of inviting mendicants and performers to bon started in the mid-18th century.

It is to make offerings to ancestors.

Young people paraded through the streets of the community.

They play dancing to the accompaniment of songs and musical accompaniment.

It’s to welcome the spirits of ancestors returning to this world during the Obon season.

Collect donations

In the past, the dance was also used to collect money to fund the activities of the village and the youth association.

The relationships with other people are created through the dance and the dancers dance while valuing a wide variety of wishes.


These are a good harvest, good luck , prosperous business, family safety, good health, long life, marital happiness, prosperity of descendants, ancestor worship, prayer for good fortune, and prayers to ward off bad luck!

In recent years, eisa dancers have been holding drums more often.

Okinawa Island Eisa Festival have become a important tourist events.

Shinjuku eisa festival

The Shinjuku Eisa Festival is the one introduced here.

The Shinjuku Eisa Festival is a festival that started in 2002 to make the shopping district around the east exit of Shinjuku Station more vibrant.
Eisa performances are held on the main Shinjuku East Exit Boulevard, Kabukicho, West Exit, and other streets east and west of Shinjuku Station.
Gradually, non-Okinawan eisa fans began to perform the dance, and the total number of dancers, including men and women of all ages, reaches more than 1,000.

This year, 18 groups will perform eisa.( this is relatively small due to Covid-19)

Why don’t you enjoy this Bon event full of energy unique to Okinawa?

Time: July 30, 12:00-16:00
Place: Shinjuku ALTA building, along Meiji avenue.

How about experiencing the Okinawan atmosphere in Shinjuku?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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