Why don’t you enjoy beer at open air beer garden in summer Japan?

Why don’t you enjoy beer at open air beer garden in summer Japan?

Beer garden in Japan

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Summer tradition in Japan

Beer garden in Japan

Japan’s rainy season ended early in June.

And it already looks like midsummer in Tokyo, with temperatures exceeding 35°C for eight consecutive days.

During this summer season, “beer gardens” are held on building rooftops, open terraces, and ship decks at night during the summer months.

Beer Garden

Beer garden in Japan

A beer garden is an outdoor bar or restaurant where beer is the main ingredient.

The word “garden” originally means a Western-style garden.

However, beer gardens are usually located outdoors in a certain area, such as a plaza or on the roof of a building.

And since beer and food and beverages are served outdoors.

One of the characteristics of beer gardens is that the restaurant is open only for a limited period of time mostly from late June to August after rainy season.

Of course, its roots are in Germany, but it has been arranged in various ways in the Japanese style.


Beer garden in Japan

There are various theories about the first beer garden in Japan.

But the “New Tokyo Osaka Dai-ichi Seimei Building,” which opened in 1953.

It is considered to be the originator of the authentic beer garden.

As is evident from the fact that beer gardens are a summer tradition, many of them are open only from the end of the rainy season through August.

However, in recent years, it is not unusual for temperatures to exceed 30°C even in May.

So some restaurants start operating around Golden Week, early May.

Budget and System

All you can eat

The average per-person budget for a beer garden is in the from 5,000 yen to 8,000 yen range.

Many of these places offer all-you-can-drink beer and all-you-can-eat food.



2020, 2021 beer gardens were closed due to Covid-19.

So this year is a kind of ’ revenge ’after 3 years!!

Would you like to experience a Japanese way to spend the summer from June to August?

Let’s toast together!
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Tokyo tower beer garden
Tokyo tower beer garden

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