SHODO(書道), Japanese calligraphy

‘SHODO( 書道)’
I came across the children’s SHODO exhibition in MEIJI shrine.

Shodo exhibition
Children SHODO( 書道)exhibition
SHODO( 書道)

SHODO( 書道)is the Japanese traditional art form of characters which develops the beauty of the characters and improves our inner mind .
It’s originally from China, imported Japan 6-7 centuries.
Now it’s a elementary school mandatory subject in Japan.

Shodo training of elementary children
Elementary SHODO training

To learn how to write a beautiful letter is a good training for concentration and setting our mind still in any occasion.

We have 4 characters,
1: HIRAGANA ( ひらがな)
2: KATAKANA ( カタカナ)
4: KANJI( 漢字)
5: ROMAJI( roomaji).
We use these 4 characters daily everywhere in books, newspapers, advertising’s.
We enjoy writing the different feeling of each characters up to the mood and purpose.

In the SHODO exhibition, I like ’ いのち’( life) writing the best by elementary 1st grader 7 years old boy. It’s a powerful writing and reminds us the importance of our life .

Inochi ( いのち) life

Under the COVID-19 situation we have to keep safe our life and lives people around us .

The entrance of the MEIJI shrine
The approach to the precinct
The precinct

It’s until the end of January.
If you’re interested in the SHODO, come to MEIJI shrine January 5-31st.
You can feel the children’s art work and prayer !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

She is writing yume( 夢) dream
YUME(夢) dream
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