Tokyo station Gyokou street, Tokyo flower carpet 2022 

Tokyo station Gyokou street, Tokyo flower carpet 2022

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Tokyo Flower Carpet 2022

I went near Tokyo Station today.

The Tokyo Flower Carpet 2022 event was being held on Gyokou street, which connects Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace.

Kabuki paintings

Tokyo flower carpet 2022 will revive Kabuki paintings (pictures of actors) by Kunisada Utagawa.

He is an ukiyoe artist who dominated the Edo period( feudal age).

A giant flower painting “Hana( flower)Kabuki” is using 50,000 carnations.

Gyoko street will be covered with a carpet of flowers.

Hana-e( flower painting)

Hana-e(flower painting)is a form of participatory art created by all citizens.

In “Tokyo flower carpet 2022,” five giant flower Kabuki paintings of 48m2 (6m x 8m) will be created together with 200 citizens who were recruited in advance.

The theme of the work is “Tokyo Restart”.

Expectations for the Covid-19 Convergence are growing for the year 2022.

It means new encounters and discoveries.

Also it mea new hope, excitement, and joy.

Tokyo Restart is the watchword for the renewal (update) of the times, and it will be launched from Tokyo this spring.

The flowers used in this project will be recycled and reborn as “Flower Sketchbooks” made of recycled paper.

The “Flower Sketchbook” is donated to special needs schools in Tokyo.

It’s to support art education for children with disabilities.

This event is scheduled for March 19-21, 2022.

If you cannot come this year, there will be another one next year.

You will see the traditional art and sustainable culture of Japan!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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