UDON( noodle) of Mt.Fuji

‘UDON of Mt.Fuji’

When I go to Mt.Fuji area , I always enjoy eating YOSHIDA UDON (noodle), which is the famous local food of FUJI-YOSHIDA city.

This is the handmade noodle extremely thick and hard texture, I really like it.
The skirt of Mr.Fuji area is not good for rice planting because of its ash soil.
People had been planted wheat instead of rice . The YOSHIDA-UDON is the local product from it .

There are 47 YOSHIDA-UDON restaurants in FUJI-YOSHIDA city.
I ate fried vegetables and boiled horse meat .
It’s very cheap 500yen( 5 dollars) .
This restaurant is ‘ MIYAKI’ one of the most popular YOSHIDA-UDON restaurants.

Yoshida udon restaurant MUYAKI in Fuji-Yoshida city

If you go to the east part of Mt.Fuji like , KAWAGUCHIKO LAKE, YAMANAKAKO LAKE, FUJI Q highland theme park and ARAKURAYAMA SENGEN PARK, I recommend you try YOSHIDA-UDON!

I think you can enjoy the beautiful view of Mt.Fuji and local food at the same time!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Yoshida udon is the popular local food of Mt.Fuji area
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