UENO PARK cherry blossom from the boat

‘UENO PARK cherry blossom from the boat’
I enjoyed cherry blossom from the boat in UENO PARK.

UENO PARK is one of the most popular HANAMI ( cherry blossom viewing) places in Tokyo.

There is a huge SAKURA-DORI( cherry blossom pedestrian road) in the main street.

But I show you another way to enjoy cherry blossom from the boat.

Boat fee

This pond is SHINOBAZU pond in the south part of the park.
You can rent a boat there.

There are many cherry trees along the shore .
It’s very quiet and you can feel the breeze on the pond .

It costs 600yen( 6 dollars) or 700yen ( 7 dollars) 30 minutes ride up to the boat.

If you want to see the cherry blossom from the water and want to experience the another beauty of cherry blossom, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Enjoy cherry blossom from the boat
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