Why don’t you see the elephant trunk at Manzamou cliff in Okinawa ?

Why don’t you see the elephant trunk at Manzamou cliff in Okinawa ?

Manzamou cliff
Manzamou cliff
Manzamou cliff

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Okinawa’s Tourist Attraction Manzamou

Manzamou is a famous scenic spot in the center of Okinawa Prefecture.

It is a cliff made of Ryukyu limestone, about 20 m high, facing the East China Sea in Onna Village.

There is a strange rock that looks like an elephant trunk.

The top of the cliff is a grassy plateau.

This is Okinawa Coast National Park.

Tourist facility

Manzamou tourist family
Manzamou tourist facility

A tourist facility was built here in October 2020, with a rest area, a restaurant with a view, and stores.

There is an entrance fee of 100 yen to see the Manzamou cliff.

Ticket vending machine
Ticket vending machine

Once inside, there is a boardwalk with subtropical plants and a cliff that looks like a trunk of a elephant after a short walk.

This is where all the tourists take their pictures.

As you walk along the boardwalk, you will see a beautiful 180-degree view of the East China Sea and passing sightseeing boats.

The view from Manzamou cliff

The sound of the waves crashing is also dynamic.

Nearby beaches

Beaches nearby Manzamou cliff
Beaches nearby Manzamou cliff
Beaches nearby Manzamou cliff

From the nearby beach, you can go down to the edge of the waves.

There are several mysterious “gama,” or naturally formed caves.

The rock formations on the beach are also a unique sight in Okinawa.

There are also many beautiful shells.

If you come to Okinawa, I recommend you to come and see Manzamou.

Enjoy the typical Okinawa view here in Manzamou!

It is about an hour drive from Naha Airport.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Manzamou cliff
Manzamou cliff

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